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In the early days of DOS, i was coding in GW-Basic. In the era of Windows 95, i was tampering with mirc scripts. I moved to graphic design, then to web design and multimedia (Macromedia Flash). Slowly i moved in to code (Java, PHP, C# and ActionScript3) where i feel most comfortable, and now i am exploring the linux server "underworld", for support on my web development knowledge.



This is some projects i have worked with, that i am proud of!

What i can do for you

I have experience in various development tools and languages, have built projects from plan to finish, have worked both in teams and solo.
Here is where i could be your next asset:

You have project idea that you want to realise it, but you need a project manager who has the experience of putting a project from plan to realisation. Good projects need specs, planning and design first.
I have years experience in both, front-end and back-end development. Also, i have worked in various programming languages (PHP, Java, C#, ActionScript, JavaScript). I prefer OOP when planning and designing software.
I work good also on concentrated and specialised tasks requiring only specific skills in programming or design, where team work is important for faster development times of a product.


Here is a list of my recent blog posts, hope you find something interesting.

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Free space on your Mac

Usually, Macs come with not really big HDD or SSD drives, and sometimes you might need this space. I recently had problems with this, where my 500Gb SSD came to a point that there were around 10Gb free.

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SWF in WPF application using WebBrowser

I needed a way to show SWF flash file inside an Windows Application, so i made this simple tutorial on how you can do it in Visual Studio.

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Hello world!

I decided to reboot my website and give it a new look, the personal website which i have created long time ago was made by NucleusCMS and as i saw, they have made a close announcement about 2 years ago,

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