I decided to reboot my website and give it a new look, the personal website which i have created long time ago was made by NucleusCMS and as i saw, they have made a close announcement about 2 years ago, (btw from January 2016 they seem to have “opened the shop again”).

So, since i haven’t been using my old website, it was sitting and collecting internet dust, lets reboot the thing:

sudo reboot

Now, this one it’s built with WordPress, i used free theme called Illdy and made a lot of adjustments and few plugins. Hope that you like how it looks.

Meanwhile, i have been busy working on my personal project, ContentPlus which is going to be launched soon, and then i will have more time to share some knowledge here.

BTW. on the picture above, its me with my wife in a Museum in Lviv, here are some photos i’ve seen: