2016 - Current

CEO and Founder of ContentPlus

CEO of ContentPlus Ukraine, company for Digital Signage solutions. My main activity is product development and coding of all parts of the client and web application and servers.

Technologies used:
- PHP and Apache for web application development
- C# for client application development
- Linux servers for cloud infrastructure

2010 - Current

CEO and Founder of Morgans Komunikacii, Macedonia

Founder (CEO) of Morgans Komunikacii DOOEL, company based in Macedonia. Main activity of the company is
outsource development. Besides development work, I also take care of the company finance and wellbeing.

Technologies used:
- Java, ActionScript 3, PHP for web development
- Windows and Linux servers setup and administration
- SQL (PostgreSQL and MySQL) database administration

2006 - 2015

Developer at Morgans AS, Norway

As outsource developer and team leader, I mostly worked on fast development and development of new products for the company. My tasks varied from advanced Flash Actionscript 2 and 3 projects, Java J2EE web application development, advanced HTML editing, database planning and optimization, design of SQL logic, statistics and operations. I had also worked on configuring servers (apache and tomcat), Linux and Microsoft server setup, setup of SSL certificates, etc.

2008 - 2009

Part time Developer at Ambition Group, Norway

Still as a team member of Morgans AS, by contract between Morgans and Ambition Group, I had split work time for both companies for a period of few months. My job was to provide manpower to Ambition Group, for rapid development of their new product, while improving and bug fixing their old solution. The tasks involved bugfixing the old solution based on Java Struts Framework and Sybase database, helping to plan the new Java‐JSP‐JSTL and database design in PostgreSQL.

2006 - 2007

Part time Developer at Lightminds, Norway

As I started my work in Morgans AS, by contract between Morgans and Lightminds, I had split work time for both companies. My job was to help Lightminds in some of their tasks. My job was mainly Flash Actionscript 2.

2005 - 2006

Web designer and developer at Anet, Macedonia

My day to day work was web design and development in coordination with the clients, hearing their needs, suggesting solutions for their problems, etc.

2000 - 2004

Youth worker and Project Leader at Youth Cultural Center Bitola, Macedonia

I started as a volunteer and youth worker, then progressed to a project leader, organizing different events for young people, such as concerts, workshops, seminars on different topics, youth exchange projects between countries etc.